Burial urns manufacturers in India

The Art and Craft of Burial Urns

A Glimpse into Our Manufacturing Process of metal burial urns by Super Fine Handicrafts

In times of loss, finding a dignified and meaningful way to honor a loved one’s memory is of utmost importance. At SFHINDIA, our designers and team understand the significance of this journey and are committed to crafting metal and non metal burial urns. our urns provide solace and respect.SFH manufactures high quality metal urns in India and exports worldwide. SFH designs and manufactures variety of metal urns for wholesale import companies in USA, CANADA, GERMANY, AFRICA,EUROPEAN COUNTRIES and other parts of the world.

The Legacy of Craftsmanship by Super Fine Handicrafts

SFH urns making story beins in the year 2000. Metal Urns making tradition has been passed down through generations to SFHINDIA. Each urn SFH designs and manufacture is a testament to best quality, craftsmenship, artistry, hand-engraving and compassion. SFH believes that every urn we manufacture should be made with love and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.
It should the unique with orignal design and of highest quality of aluminium or brass materials.




SFH Group is India's largest manufacturers of Metal Cremation Urns, Keepsake Urns, Pet Urns, Name tags, Jewellery & more.



Super Fine Handicrafts-selection-from-hundreds-of-designs-pet-urn-for-dogs-and-cats-ashes Brass Adult Cremation Urn Gold
Cremation Urns Pet Cremation Urn
Classic Blue Adult Urn Brass Pewter Classic Cremation Urn

Material of Burial Urns matter in manufacturing beautiful Urn

The choice of best quality material is very important in manufacturing beautiful burial urns.Super Fine Handicrafts source the finest metals, brass, aluminium, copper , iron, galvanized iron sheet, woods, ceramics, and biodegradable materials. SFH ensures that each burial urns looks exquisite and also stands the test of traditional & modern time.
SFH eco-friendly options cater to those who wish to return their loved one to the earth in the most natural way possible.

The Crafting Process of beautiful metal burial urns

Design Conceptualization by SFH

SFH journey starts with understanding the needs and wishes of our buyers in USA, CANADA, AFRICA, GERMANY & Worldwide. SFH design team works closely with buyers to capture the essence of their customers loved ones. Super Fine Handicrafts creates personalized designs of burial metal urns that tell a story. We can customize new urns with a modern and classic touch as per the needs and requirements of our wholesale import companies around the world.

Burial urns material selection by SFH Team for Cremation Urns

Once a design is finalized by our buyer. SFH Team carefully selects the appropriate materials for manufacturing best quality burial urns. For metal urns, SFH team choose best quality brass ingots for making of brass urns. For aluminium urns, SFH chooses best quality aluminium ingots for manufacturing aluminium top quality uns with silver shiny finish.
Metal urns mostly manufactured and handcrafted from superior quality aluminium metal from Hindalco. Superior Brass ingots used for manufacturing for Brass Urns.urial urns are also manufactured of other metals like bronze, or stainless steel, providing durability and elegance.
For wooden urns- Super Fine Handicrafts chooses a variety of hardwoods like mango wood, mahogany, oak, and walnut. Each burial urn offers a unique texture and finish.
SFH (Super Fine Handicrafts) especializes in handcrafted, handmade and hand engraved brass and aluminium and brass cremation urns. Mother Of Pearl brass urns and more.

Handcrafting and Hand engraving on burial urns manufactured by SFH

It is the hard work of SFH designers and skilled craftsmen that brings the urns designs to life with meticulous attention to detail.
Steps to manufacturing burial urns:
1. hand-carving intricate patterns on an aluminum or brass urn
2. Shiny polishing is done on burial urns for flawless finish
3. Matte finish with lacquer is done on urns
Each step is performed with precision and care by SFH skilled craftsmen.
Haji Chand Bhai and Sharafat Hussain is one of the finest hand engravers in India. They engrave on metal urns, vases, and other artifacts.

SFH customizes metal brass and aluminium burial urns

Personalization is at the heart of SFH service

SFH offers hand engraving, custom painting, Glass Coated Saboo Color, Brushed Finishes, Antique Finishes, Emboss designs and many more. These bespoke elements ensure that each urn is a true reflection of the individual it commemorates. SFH designs and manufacture customised urns designs in india and export several containers to some of the top importers around the world.
Top and largest wholesalers and importers of burial urns, brass urns, keepsake urns in USA, CANADA

SFHINDIA assures 100% Quality Assurance

Before any urn consignment is dispatched from our factory in India, SFH Team checks the burial urns quality and it undergoes a stringent quality check. We inspect every detail to ensure that it meets SFH high standards and, most importantly, the expectations of the buyers we supply our metal urns. SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS assure our wholesale import companies for importing metal urns from SFH 100% top Quality Urns.

Why Choose SFH as your trusted supplier of urns in India?

There are hundred’s of manufacturing companies of burial urns in India. But the question arises in one’s mind, “Why should I choose SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS?”

Because SFH motto is : 


Experience and Expertise of SFH in production of metal burial urns : Super Fine Handicrafts has been manufacturing brass and aluminium metal urns in India since 1979. Therefore, SFH team brings unparalleled expertise to the craft of urn designing and making of superior quality burial urns in India.

Compassionate Service by SFHINDIA

SFH Team understands the requirements of our buyers and supply high quality urns.
Sustainability: SFH commitment to the environment is reflected in our range of eco-friendly burial urns and sustainable practices.


I was looking for a reliable manufacturer of metal urns in india. I searched in google and found www.sfhindia.com
“Choosing a reliable and trusted supplier of urns for my customers was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but the team at SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS made the process so much easier. Their compassion and attention to detail were evident in the beautiful urn they crafted. It truly a greature pleasure doing business with www.sfhindia.com .” – Jane Doe, USA

“I import 1-2 containers of urns and keepsakes from India every year. I am 100% satisfied with the Quality and timely delivery by SFH” – John Smith, CANADA

“I wanted to get exclusive urn designs for my customers, thank you, SFH Team for making beautiful urns and supplying me top quality urns.” – Peter, UK


If you’re seeking a meaningful and beautiful way to offer your customers to honor their loved ones, we invite you to explore our collection of burial urns manufactured by Super Fine Handicrafts. 

Contact us for wholesale trade inquiries at What’s App Number:

What's app only : +91-9045430224 / +91-8057932584

You may visit our website at Contact – Super Fine Handicrafts (sfhindia.com) to learn more about our burial urn offerings and how SFH can assist you.


What are Burial Urns?

Burial urn is a symbol of everlasting memories and respect for departed loved ones.
Urns hold a special place in various cultures and traditions across the globe.
SFH is India’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality metal urns in India. We are known worldwide for beautiful timeless vessels and urns.

Story: The Origin and Evolution of Burial Urns

Burial urns have a fascinating historical lineage, dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.
Early urns were crafted from materials like clay, bronze, and marble, serving as repositories for the deceased’s ashes.
Over time, the art of urn-making evolved, with intricate designs and symbolic motifs reflecting cultural beliefs and customs. Super Fine Handicrafts started to manufacture traditional as well as modern, elegant and royal burial urns in 1979 and started export business in 2000

Important Key Points about urn:

* Ancient urns were often adorned with intricate carvings depicting mythological figures and scenes.
* The Romans popularized the use of cinerary urns, which were buried in communal necropolises.

The Significance of Burial Urns in Modern Times
In contemporary society, burial urns continue to hold profound significance for grieving families seeking a dignified resting place for their loved ones. These elegantly crafted vessels offer a sense of closure and remembrance, providing a tangible connection to the memories of the departed.

* Burial urns are available in a variety of materials, including brass urns, aluminium urns, copper urns, and even eco-friendly designs.
* Personalized urns, engraved with names, dates, and heartfelt messages, offer a unique tribute to the deceased.
Burial urns function as enduring containers of remembrance, paying tribute to the heritage of individuals who have departed.


What are URNS ?

An urn is a container that’s often used to hold the ashes of the dead and can take the form of a vase on a base. SFH is India’s leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of Metal urns. Urns can be made from many different materials. Like Brass Urns, Aluminum Urns, Coper Urns, Pewter Urns, and Stainless-Steel Urns

View Metal urns Catalog

Most people prefer metal urns because they consider them to be stronger than other materials.

Brass Urns
A durable and strong material that’s suitable for keeping at home or in a niche, and some families choose to bury metal urns Read more

A beautiful material that can be a work of art, reflecting the skill of the craftsman
A natural stone that’s strong and unique, and can be engraved to create a personal tribute
A traditional material that’s often kept in the home, and can be found online or at funeral homes
Also called living urns, these are made from 100% biodegradable materials and are designed to turn a person’s remains into a tree
URN DEFINITION ACCORDING TO MERRIUM WEBSTER DICTIONARY : a vessel that is typically an ornamental vase on a pedestal and that is used for various purposes (such as preserving the ashes of the dead after cremation) SOURCE : MERRIUM WEBSTER DICTIONARY


An urn is a vase, often with a cover, with a typically narrowed neck above a rounded body and a footed pedestal. Describing a vessel as an “urn”, as opposed to a vase or other terms, generally reflects its use rather than any particular shape or origin.
Source :

SFH also manufacture other types of urns in variety of category which include:

Pet urns
Small urns for keeping the ashes of a deceased pet
Urn vaults
Special urns designed for burial, usually made of polished cultured marble, and can include an engraved plaque
Companion urns
Similar to individual cremation urns, but larger and able to hold more remains

Below are some of the urns catogory SFH manufactures in India
angel urn
angel urns for ashes
funeral urns
cremation urn
brass urn
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metal urns
keepsake urns
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SFHINDIA.COM has been designing and manufacturing the widest selection of cremation urns for human remains since 1979 in India
Perhaps the oldest online provider of human cremation urns, sfhindia.com has a reputation for providing the highest quality of urns for human ashes to respect and dignify the lives of our loved ones.
Human cremation urns are available in a wide range of styles made from different materials, including aluminum urns for ashes, handcrafted brass urns, textured urns, solid brass urns, cloisonné urns, ceramic urns, and biodegradable urns.

Kindly visit our Urns website online and browse or download the full wholesale burial urn catalog.


SFH manufactures beautiful, high-quality urns. We manufacture a variety of urns in different categories, like urn vaults for burial, brass urns, infant cremation urns for babies’ ashes, aluminum urns, keepsake urns and collections, brass and aluminum pet urns for cats and dogs, and royal and exclusive tealights to light your remembrance.

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