Aluminium Bowls for Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Office

Aluminum Bowls Set

Aluminium Bowls for Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Office


Are you looking for aluminium bowls for your kitchen, bathroom or office? You’ve come to the right place! We have a wide range of aluminium products available online.


Aluminum Bowls
Aluminum Tableware

Aluminium is an important metal in our daily lives. It’s used in many different applications, including cooking utensils, food packaging, and even dental appliances. But there are also concerns that too much exposure to aluminium could cause problems.

Choose from our selection of aluminium bowls.
If you’re looking for aluminium bowls, we have a large variety of options available. Our collection includes everything from stainless steel to ceramic, so you’ll find something suitable for any occasion.

Super Fine Handicrafts is India’s leading manufacturer of Aluminium Metal Bowls!

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Breakfast Cereal Or Dinner Salad 

Choose  your dinner set by picking a pretty bowl or two from our collection of bowls. Check out the Catalog  bowl in white that will easily match with your other aluminium dishes & tableware. It’s made of superior quality aluminium and durable materials but will also look very elegant sitting on your dining table. For pattern-lovers, we have the Hand Engraved aluminium  bowls that are perfect for tea-time snacks, lunch as well as dinner time. It has unique patterns and details that look traditional yet modern at the same time. And we have the hammered collection, enamel collection,Hand engraved Bowls Collection,Silver Bowl Collection  for those who love a minimalistic style.

SFH Team can design & manufacture news bowls as per the requirements of our buyers.

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What are the names of the various bowl varieties?

Let’s examine the many bowl varieties and the applications to which they are most appropriate.

  • soup tureens
  • Salad plates & bowls. Usually, salads are mixed in these bowls.
  • Rice bowls aluminium
  • Cereal Dishes & bowls
  • Dip Dishes & bowls
  • noodle bowls
  • Bowls made of ceramic
  • Candy dishes.

As there are meals intended for them, there are as many distinct varieties of bowls. You’d be incorrect if you assumed they were all the same.

One of the most practical containers in a kitchen or dining area is the bowl. Additionally, bowls enhance the flavour of the food, and even just holding one of these dishes can improve our mood, particularly during the winter.

And the food business is aware of this fact. For this reason, there are many different types of bowls available today to serve meals. It has also inspired people to invite one or two sets into their homes who are mindful of what they eat.

SFH Team designs and manufacture variety of aluminium bowls in India.

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Aluminium Texture Bowl


22 Types of Bowls

Let’s take a look at the different types of bowls and what they are best suited for.

Soup Bowls

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Simply because a soup cannot be eaten on a plate, this is one of the most popular bowl types.

Today, restaurants like Chipotle are increasingly serving soup meals in these bowls. However, it can be used to any situation.

Salad Bowls

Usually, salads are mixed in these bowls. These bowls, however, are not really used to eat the final food item, unlike soup bowls.

After the salad has been tossed in the larger bowl, many individuals prefer to transfer some of it to a plate or smaller bowl.

Although there are many other materials used to make these bowls, glass and wood are the most popular choices.

Aluminium Elephant Bowls

Rice Bowls

Rice bowls have become increasingly popular worldwide during the last few years. However, due to their cultural taste for rice meals, some nations utilise them more frequently than others. These bowls may be among the most popular ones sold worldwide.

Some rice bowls are marketed with chopsticks because of their widespread appeal. Despite the fact that these are closely related to Asian civilizations, there are other bowls available that are less distinctive.


Cereal Bowls

This is one of the most often used dishes in a kitchen every morning, aside from the coffee mug. There are as many of these on the earth as there are spoon types, which are even more varied than bowl types. If you like utensils, check it out!

You can purchase plastic bowls to eat your breakfast in addition to the more common glass, ceramic, or melamine cereal bowls. Try an extra-large bowl if you prefer a big portion.

Dip Bowls

These are the dishes you should seek for if you enjoy a little chip and dip as a snack. Considering that they are designed for dipping, these are incredibly practical.

Additionally, dip bowls come in quite helpful. These bowls work wonderfully when serving fondue, for instance. The chips fit in their curved design, and they also have a nice appearance.


Pasta Bowls

These bowls stand out from the others on this list visually. They are relatively simple to identify since they have wide rims that, unlike plates, focus your attention to the food.

A few of these in your kitchen cabinet are a need if you enjoy Italian cuisine. This is the ideal bowl to serve a genuine Italian pleasure, whether it be linguine, fettuccine, or spaghetti. You may prepare a classy supper by pairing them with the appropriate wine glasses.


Earthenware Bowls

Clay is typically used to make earthenware bowls, which are subsequently fired at temperatures between 1,000 and 1,500 degrees Celsius after being shaped. Although these bowls are very strong, they will break if you drop them because they are fragile.

Additionally permeable, they may safely store or heat hot liquids or solid food. The drawback is that these porous pores will absorb liquid, which may result in harmful eating conditions. Glazing them solves this problem and makes them waterproof.

Candy Bowls

These are a wonderful complement to desks, substitute coffee tables, and coffee tables in any space. However, they can be used for things other than only sweets. These bowls are capable of holding a wide range of munchies.

For your visitors who prefer a quick snack, you can also use them to serve various snacks. They have the potential to improve the overall look of a room and are frequently referred to as nut bowls.

Aluminium Candy Bowls

Fine China Bowls

Fine china is created from a Chinese clay called kaolin, much like earthenware bowls. It is the same white clay used to make porcelain. Since they are so delicate, many individuals buy these to display in a glass cabinet but never use them.

You should keep them on display and avoid using them. They are prone to breakage, cannot be used in the dishwasher or microwave, and even hand cleaning them frequently results in mishaps.

Bone China Bowls

Despite being thinner than fine china, bone china is more resilient and less likely to break. Don’t get me wrong, though; if you don’t handle them carefully, they will break.

Animal bones are broken into powder or burned to ash and then turned into a paste, which is then combined with other bulk materials to construct the bowls. This gives them a little bit more sturdiness.

Mixing Bowls

One of the bowl kinds utilised for cooking rather than eating cooked food is this one. Mixing bowls are a crucial kitchen tool, especially if you enjoy cooking.

Typically, these are sizable bowls with adequate room for the components to easily combine. For instance, a shallow bowl simply won’t do the work while baking a cake.

Additionally, the material of these bowls is quite important. Because it is lightweight and does not chip very quickly, stainless steel metal is seen to be a great option. It is a fantastic option for daily use because of this.

Additionally, unlike plastic bowls, they don’t hold on to odours or smells. When the time comes, you can use a stainless steel bowl as a double boiler if you choose one that can fit comfortably within your saucepan.

Look for something with a lid if you need a set to move meals from one location to another. These are conveniently offered.


Pet Bowls

You understand the significance of this if you own a pet. Let us tell you if you don’t. All major retail locations carry pet bowls in a variety of designs and sizes.

To prevent your pet from spilling water on the floor, some of them include a stand. These are frequently silicone bowls or soft, easily-cleanable metal bowls like copper.

Make sure to purchase two if you are out purchasing one. One is for food, the other is for water. It is advisable to avoid combining them.

Ramekin Bowls

You use dishes shaped like ramekins when you wish to serve a baked dish of any kind. That word, which means “to toast,” is Dutch. That lets you know that you’ll be baking things like pot pies directly in these dishes.

These are safe to bake in most types of ovens or over a fire because they can withstand high heat. They have a circular shape similar to most bowls, with the bottom flared out to aid in holding. Some include ridges on the sides to improve your grip when using oven mitts.

Change Bowls

Although you won’t find this in every home, some people find it to be a convenient alternative to carrying around spare cash in their wallets or pockets.

You can use any kind of bowl for the same purpose, but it is advisable to keep one specifically for it because change that has amassed from other sources may contain hazardous bacteria and pass through many hands.

A normal change bowl has a simple design and offers to give your workplace or table some personality. Although owning one is not strictly necessary, it does provide advantages. For convenience, you can place your wallet and other keys on top and put the item close to the front entrance.

Aluminium Skeleton Bowl

Storage Bowls

These are widely known and most people own a dozen of them. Storage bowls, such as Pyrex, are similar to other bowl types with the exception that they frequently come with a lid that can be snapped over the top.

This enables you to store unfinished dishes in the various types of refrigerators you have or snacks in the pantry for later while maintaining an airtight seal to prevent food from going bad or stale.

aluminium bowls

Glass Bowls

We are currently discussing materials. When storing food in the refrigerator, glass dishes work really well.

This is due to the fact that they are non-conductive and, like stainless steel bowls, do not transmit the flavour or aroma of whatever was previously placed in them.

If you decide to purchase a glass bowl, try to find one that has been treated to prevent shattering and overheating. Moreover, it prevents them from chipping. You need this for all of your drinking glasses, as well.

You can save room if you purchase a stack of bowls. Smaller glass bowls work well for making sauces or gathering materials before you begin cooking, while larger ones can be used as mixing bowls.

Copper Bowls

Copper bowls are elegant and timeless, but they also have amazing usefulness. They don’t react with the copper, so you can use them to whip egg whites.

Although they are very pricey, it is usually a good idea to have a few on hand. These bowls are robust and resistant to damage.



Wood Bowls

This one is one that you are familiar with. Because they retain smells, wooden bowls are frequently used to combine salad ingredients and other dry food items.

They are made of many varieties of bamboo, acacia, and olive wood, to name a few. However, keep in mind that they can dry out over time before you buy a stack of them. If you hand wash them, you might be able to keep them in good condition.


Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls appear to be very popular across nations and civilizations. They are stronger than the typical glass bowl, yet they are not unbreakable. Due to their distinctive appearance, these bowls can also be utilised as table decorations..

These are common bowls that may be used for a variety of tasks and are useful in a wide range of circumstances. They are perfect for people who frequently use dishwashers, microwaves, and microwave alternatives since you can put any kind of food in them.

Stoneware Bowls

Because they can withstand some wear and tear, stoneware bowls are rather durable and excellent for regular usage. Check out some of the oddball patterns these bowls come in if you enjoy a little bit of fun.

This is due to the fact that numerous artisans frequently work on them and create numerous intricate decorations on the exterior of these types of bowls.

These bowls are also safe to use in dishwashers of any kind and in the microwave. Bowls made of stoneware are versatile. Therefore, this is your guy whether you want soup, a salad, or cereal.


Decorative Bowls

Then there are bowls that are merely decorative in nature. They are intended to serve as table centrepieces when placed on exhibit. As part of a bigger artistic decor piece, some designers also like to hang them on the wall.

Perhaps you also noticed that synthetic fruit is placed in attractive containers to enhance the appearance of the space. These are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials to meet your needs for interior design.


Aluminium Enamel Bowls

Multi color bowls

Super Fine Handicrafts is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of latest & exclusive aluminium enamel bowls in India. For Latest Full Free Wholesale Catalog,please e-mail us at

Types of Bowls for Every Meal or Purpose

You might not realise that there are so many bowls available that are designed for particular uses. Yes, you may use any bowls, even the most basic stack, for any purpose.

But when the machinery is set up properly, the results are frequently quite good. If you’re tempted to overlook this, then think of how you ignored the various bowls when you saw your pals acting classy when they had guests over for dinner.








What is a bowls used for?

A bowl is a cylindrical container with a big open top. Bowls come in a variety of sizes, some of which are used for washing or cleaning while others are used for cooking, serving, or eating from food. Place everything in a large bowl.

What are small bowls called?

First, what are “pinch bowls“? Pinch bowls are very small bowls specifically designed to hold a single ingredient or condiment. They are often referred to as “condiment cups”, too.

What is bowl soup?

A soup bowl is a bowl that soup is served in. Typically, soup bowls are shaped like circles. These are constructed from various materials, including stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and aluminium. India’s top bowl maker is Super Fine Handicrafts.

What is Nut Bowl?

Nut Bowls are usually used to keep dry fruits in It & serve the guests.

Giraffe Aluminium Nut Bowl

Super Fine is India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of variety of Nut Bowls using Superior quality aluminium metal. SFH Team designs exclusive Nut Bowls using figures like Elephant,Giraffe,Cheetah,Hippo,Monkey,Sea Horse etc


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