Our Fairtradepolicy-At SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS (SFH), We don’t treat being “Fair Trade” as simply being some sort of badge we can display as a marketing ploy. Instead it’s the way we aim to be in every aspect of our business dealings. We always aim to treat our workers, customers and suppliers in the same way we would like to be treated.

Since we were founded in 2000, SFH has strived to ensure that everyone in the supply chain connected to our products is treated with dignity and fairly. Our relations with suppliers (many of which go back over 20 years) are based on transparency, honesty and mutual respect.

We aim to ensure that every product we supply is produced in accordance with the following principles:

1. We aim to creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged Craftsmen living in far villages of India. We do this by bringing you top quality products from producers who would not normally be able to access markets in economically developed countries like India. We also work with our producers to develop and improve their products to make them more suitable for these markets.

2. We aim to act with transparency and accountability in all our dealings (whilst respecting commercial confidentially where appropriate).

3. We follow fair trade practices in our dealings. For example, we help our suppliers to purchase raw materials and make payment to our suppliers in full as soon as the work is complete (if not before). We build long term relations with suppliers, ensuing they have a dependable source of income.

4. We pay a fair price that has been agreed with our producers ensuring that they are adequately compensated for their work and skill.

5. We do not tolerate child labour or forced labour in any way.

6. We do not tolerate discrimination of any type and promote gender equality.

7. We ensure good working conditions. This includes Health and Safety issues, working hours and general working conditions.

8. We help our producers to build capacity. This means we work with producers to develop management skill, productions capabilities and access to other markets.

9. We promote fair trade generally and supporting local Fair Trade events.

10. We also respect the environment. Many of our products use recycled materials (such as our recycled metal products like aluminium metal,brass metal,steel metal and glassware) and try to reuse packing materials wherever possible.

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